Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Completed Annie Sloan Workshop Studio

I came home from New Orleans in February, after a whirlwind trip meeting Annie Sloan and all the other stockists, so excited about all the possibilities and opportunities.  If I told you I haven't slept yet, I am not kidding you.  So much to do, so many thoughts, so many ideas .... where do I start first?!  I knew right away that this paint was going to consume my thoughts and my imagination.  When I walked through the entrance to my store (Robyn Story Designs), I saw things in color - Chalk Paint colors!  I also knew that I couldn't wait to share this with my staff and all my loyal customers, as well as all the wonderful people that this paint has yet to bring to our boutique.

First thing to do, transform a space in our warehouse to hold workshops.  That sounds easy...NOT.  Oh my goodness, I learned more about air-conditioning installation than I ever cared to know about.  That was first order of business.  It's hot here in Florida!! (For those of you not "in the know", we have three warehouses full of goodies in addition to our 4500 sq. ft. boutique and design center.  We transformed ONE of them and we will still have our Untold Story Sales - so no worries!)

My staff and I got down and dirty and emptied every shelf and every nook and cranny.  We removed industrial shelves, removed floral stock from the walls, put a fresh coat of paint on the walls,  bought all the necessary class supplies and just transformed the space.  Now, when you walk in it's a true inspiration for creativity.  We all got busy making samples of all the different finishes that can be achieved with all 24 colors and all the techniques as shown in Annie Sloan's Quick and Easy Paint Transformation book.  We then accessorized the walls with this 'art work'.  It's just fabulous in there and it has become my little haven.  A place I feel I can create and just 'be'.  We all need a place like that, don't you think?

So here it is, the before and the after of our Workshop.  We will be hosting these classes on a regular basis so be sure to check back for our calendar of events.  We have plans to do floral workshops, table-scapes, Mommy and Me workshops, Household Hint workshops, Visiting Artist you have an idea?  Let us know, we LOVE feedback.

Look at all this stuff!!

After - just waiting for our workshops to begin

Our class chair that we re-did - Annie Style

First coat - Primer Red

Second coat - Old Ochre

We then reupholstered with silk linen!  Fabulous!

We want to host workshops that will encourage everyone to create their own beauty, one story at a time!  


  1. Love the transformation Robyn! Looking forward to meeting you soon!!

  2. PS - What the heck did you DO with ALL that stuff??

  3. Those chairs are fabulous! I just read about an experience one of my bloggy friends had at your establishment; Rhonda from Blue Creek Home blog. I am so jealous and would love to be able to visit a studio like yours to learn the paint techniques, but we don't even have a stockist here in New York. I just got my first can of Old White today in the mail and I plan on using mine on a very elaborate headboard I found at a thrift store.