Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Secrets

People always ask where I find my antique treasures.  I try to find things that are unique and have a sense of nostalgia, but will fit into today's home effortlessly.  That's not always easy but it is always fun to hunt and pick to find just the right thing.  I have a few favorite places that seem to always have what I'm looking for- not that I know what that is most times - however, most Monday's I'm out scouting around for those little places tucked away that most people would just drive by.  If an antique store is too splashy, too organized and too 'pretty', it's just not right for me.  Don't get me wrong, I'll stop and admire but I never find what I'm looking for there.

The places that appeal to me have things piled a mile high, no organization and looking a bit worse for the wear.  Those are the places that talk to me, whose items have a story to share and that I simply have to have.  I'm not afraid to get down and dirty, to dig through the thicket to come out with a treasure.  Of course, there are times that I'm not sure what something is but you know what, that appeals to me even more.  I like to call these things "artifacts" because they used to have a purpose but have been tossed aside.  Though they're not useful in today's society, they're story is too compelling to just throw away.

Several things come to mind.  One of which was an old, long wooden box.  When I opened it there was a variety of cut-outs in graduated sizes.  No tools were included but the box was well worn, well used and I promise you I could feel that it had been someone's treasure because it was so old but looked like it had been taken good care of.   I had to have it.

I bought it and cleaned it up and put it in my store.  Not two days later someone came in and new exactly what it was (an old tool and dye kit - I still have no idea what that means!) and they had to have it.  Apparently their grandfather used to have one just like it and it reminder her of him.  Since it was a lovely wooden box my customer was using it on her family room coffee table as a decoration and reminder.

So you see, all things have value to someone and all things tell a story, and lucky for me, I love a good story.

Happy Hunting,


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