Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Nicest People

SOOOO many thanks to Rhonda at Blue Creek Home. She stopped in the store with her cousin a couple of weeks ago and we just had a blast!!  You never know when you're going to meet the nicest people!  Rhonda has her own blog Blue Creek Home filled with all kinds of inspirational ideas and wonderful information.  Upon her return home she blogged about us!!  Imagine our excitement when we went on to check her blog out and found a feature all about us here at Robyn Story Designs.

She has some amazing followers because they've all come to see what we're all about as a result.  So a BIG thank you to Rhonda for introducing all of her followers to us.  And a HUGE thank you to her followers for saying hello and leaving comments on our blog!  We hope that you enjoy reading our entries, we have so much fun writing about what's going on around here.

I am so new to this whole technology 'thing'.  Facebook and Blogging are completely foreign to me, but  I have some great help and am getting better at it.  So I ask for forgiveness that I haven't responded to any of you.  Just know that I am thankful for your interest and hope to continue to fulfill your curiosity!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about and learning all about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, it is so much fun.  I hope that you will take an opportunity to try it - you will be hooked!  Keep checking on Blue Creek Home and Robyn Story Designs blog, there just might be something in it for you......



  1. It was great to meet you yesterday! Check out our blog for a mention of our experience!

    Yvette and Autumn @ AquaSeventy6

    P.S. We became followers!

  2. Robyn and Lori - You guys are the best! I am just so glad that I had the opportunity to meet you both and spend the day with you!!!

    The chalk paint thing has just exploded and I know that you are thrilled to be such a big part of it. My niece and I had such fun using the chalk paints on her makeovers and I love the wax.

    Thanks for a very nice post.


  3. Good Morning, Robyn,
    I am so happy to discover your blog and enjoyed my visit here. I have signed on to be one of your followers.

    Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful holiday weekend. ~Natalie