Saturday, December 24, 2011


Way back in May we shared with you one of our first Annie Sloan Chalk Paint projects.  We have wonderful customers that were game, why not try Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on their very 80's style built-in bookshelves in their home office. (We used Chateau Grey with Clear and Dark Wax on the base and just along the back of the shelves we used Versailles with clear wax.)  This was just the beginning of the project.  We were thrilled with our results at that time.  Well, the project is finally finished and we really wanted you to see the end result.  Not just from the Annie Sloan point of view but from the design aspect as well.  Robyn Story Designs and Boutique not only sells wonderful home decor and women's fashion jewelry we are a full service design studio.

We took this tired room and made it into a fabulous home office for our client.  They just recently returned from up north to spend the holidays and the winter here and were just tickled at all of our additions.  Let me take a moment to share with you our vision that came to fruition!

Wall to wall orange melamine

17 flat front panel doors

This was after the paint was done, but please take note of the accessories etc

This is an after picture, once we finished the paint.  But it gets so much better!

Hmm, notice the bank of windows and orientation of furniture

Another picture of the finished paint.  But again, please notice the ceiling fan, desk, chairs and accessories in the shelves
Take note of the accessories and the handles on the doors!  Also the framing on the doors.  They used to be flat front.   A little time, great carpenter and beautiful trim and voila, a decorator door!
In the before picture you saw a bank of small windows.  We took those out and had gorgeous French Doors installed.  It opened the whole room and will have a gorgeous view of a luscious English garden. We also replaced the porcelain sink with a beautiful oil rubbed bronze finished one as well as a matching faucet.  This is the same finish on the cabinet hardware.

The view as you enter, a grand view!  Also notice the hardwood flooring, all hand hewed.  The panels on the left and right of the wall unit are hand painted works of art that brought in the Chateau Gray on the shelves, a beautiful way to round out the space

More beautiful accessories

The reading nook complete with comfy leather chairs and windows framed with the most incredible drapery.  I love how the nail-heads on the chairs are mirrored in the window treatments.

One final view!
Robyn Story Designs and Boutique creates fabulous, inviting, warm and elegant interiors from top to bottom!! 


  1. Wow, this room looks great and so grand of an office space. Great job.

  2. gorgeous, what colors did you use on the cabinets?

  3. Absolutely Stunning! Fabulous work Robyn!!

    Happy Holiday!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  4. Wow- Beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and your family! xo Diana

  5. Robyn, this is absolutely amazing...

  6. Wow!! Such a transformation!! Goodbye ugly orange!! Hello beautiful new room!!

  7. This would be such a great option for my mom's standard track condo kitchen cabinets. I was toying with adding trim, but wasn't sure how to integrate it--didn't think of ASCP. This look might be too "upscale" for her, though.

  8. Turned out GAGA GORGEOUS!! I love doing cabinets in kitchens n old built ins...What a beautiful transformation from the shelves to the windows to the accessories!

  9. You guys! This room turned out WONDERFUL! I did my bathroom cabinets with ASCP and it's held up GREAT!

  10. What, this can't even be the same place. Amazing makeover!!!

  11. What a fabulous transformation!

  12. That's fantastic, Robyn! I love your blog, and your work;) Those cabinets are beautiful!! What an amazing transformation!

  13. Did you sand it first or go straight on with the chalkpaint? We are considering doing this but from what I've read you have to sand first when you use ASCP on melamine?

    1. Emma, we did not sand first, however, I would recommend that you use a product called Zinssers Clear Shellac on melamine first. This will ensure bonding of the paint to the surface. Melamine is tricky and they aren't all created equal, using the Zinssers is that extra step that will create success for you.