Friday, May 20, 2011

My Frenzied Friday!

Good grief, today was a busy day at the store and unfortunately we didn't have time to post the blogs that we started.  We received a HUGE shipment of mirrors yesterday and today we spent our time moving things around.  It's really one of my favorite times to be in the store.  I just love when new things arrive and I have to make room for them, changing the vignettes and highlighting all of my new fabulous finds!

I also got a delivery of some antiques that I found while I was out hunting last weekend.  It was like Christmas in our warehouse - I'm not sure my staff would agree - but I LOVE our Fed-Ex and UPS delivery men, I equate them to my personal Santa Claus!

We also managed to get a few more painting projects completed (pictures to come of these as well!).  The store is looking so awesome.  That sounds so boastful doesn't it?  I don't mean it to, I'm just so proud of all the things my staff and I can get accomplished in a day! 

So, I will leave you with a promise to upload some fabulous pictures of some of my favorite new finds and new Chalk Paint projects this weekend.  Of course, I'll be at the store tomorrow so if you're in the neighborhood, come and see them for yourself and have a cup of coffee with me!!  Robyn

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  1. Hi Robyn and Lori,
    I want to thank you both for your wonderful hospitality while my niece and I tried our best to spend the day there on Tuesday!!! We haven't stopped talking about how much fun we had.
    I got home this afternoon after spending the last three days playing with A.S. chalk paint in Clearwater. We got two pieces completed...very successfully, I might add - I love, love, love the paint and the wax.
    It broke my heart to leave my cute black Robyn Story bag of goodies behind in Florida, but I will have them in a couple of weeks.
    E-mail or call and we will chat!!!