Friday, August 31, 2012

Miss Mustard Seed Moved Mountains In Our Store Today!

Miss Mustard Seed‘s Milk Paint Update!  Wait a little, save a lot!

To our Loyal Customers…

Miss Mustard Seed moved mountains in our store today!! Mountains of Milk Paint that is!
We ordered a ton of paint, and we sold a ton of paint! I’m talking HUGE, MONUMENTAL, amounts of paint!  The good news is that there are a lot of people out there across the country that will get to play with it in the next day or so.  Woo Hoo!  Not only were they able to get the paint first, but they were able to take advantage of our wonderful pre-sale discount of 15% off all Miss Mustard Seed products.  Smart folks, aren’t they?

 So here’s the thing, we totally have more orders on the way but our next shipment may not be here for the next few weeks… soooo if you don’t mind waiting a bit more, we will ship your order complete when the next allocation comes in. 

For being such a loyal customer and supporting Miss Mustard Seed’s efforts, we are happy to extend our pre-order special of 15% off Miss Mustard Seed products, but we’re going to refer to it as our   Back Order Offer.  Yep, that’s right, you’ll get to enjoy 15% off all your Miss Mustard Seed purchases too!  Pretty smart yourself, aren’t ya?

So wait a little and save a lot...

Order Your Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint from Robyn Story Designs Online Store Now!


Miss Mustard Seed Tutorial:  "Getting the Chippy Look"

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Is In Tampa Florida!

Woo Hoo!  That's Right, Its Finally Here!

 We're doing the happy dance at 

 We got our Fabulous Milk Paint Order
 a few days earlier than expected (Whoo Hoo!)

The wait is over (for those who pre-ordered, that is), 
so get your Pickin' Pile and your  
Paint Brushes ready....

Your orders are out the door!!
Miss Ellen and her elves packed and shipped 
the first 124 orders today!

That's a WHOLE LOT OF 

But here's the thing... we've got more product on the way!
So, we're filling what we can... when we can, 
in the order its received!
Get yourself on our list! 

Take advantage of our extended 
from our Online Store!*

 Note To Self... 

Don't miss out!!  This paint is in Serious demand!

Robyn Story Designs is your Miss Mustard Seed Headquarters. 
  We Offer:
  • Flat Rate Shipping
  •  Fast Order Processing
  •  Great Customer Service
  • And Just a Whole Lot More!

*Please note:  All pre-orders sales are final and orders must be placed separately
 from non-Miss Mustard Seed merchandise to ensure correct shipping costs and
 prompt delivery.

Friday, August 24, 2012

MILK PAINT at Robyn Story Designs!!

Robyn ordered some great samples of Milk Paint from
Miss Mustard Seed and handed them over to me (Lori) in case I had some free time... 
I finally had a day to myself to hide in my garage and play!!
I had an old dresser that was in horrible disrepair and was about to get chopped up and put at the bottom of the driveway for trash pick-up.  But then I thought it would be a shame to throw it away.  It has gorgeous lines, is at least 60 years old and is solid mahogany, even though the drawers are non-functional.  What a great idea to make a display piece for the store!!
Here she is after I applied Zinsser's Shellac.  It's 60 years old and mahogany, I fully expected that I would get that wonderful (sarcasm) pink haze. By the way, important note:  The spray version of the shellac is perfect for the inside shell but my haze still came through on the Ironstone ribbon (below).  Use the brush on version for furniture surfaces!  I embraced the haze and it actually looks great but it could just have easily ruined my piece! 
Robyn also bought an overhead projector off of Craigslist about 2 months ago and I've been dying to find something to do with it.  It all came to me...a little free time and I'm dangerous!!!!

This is after one coat of Milk Paint in Tricycle.
Originally I painted one coat of Ironstone but after realizing my color options I quickly covered it up with Tricycle
and proceeded with this color pattern.
So since this is my display piece I made a copy of Miss Mustard Seed's logo onto a transparency.  I channeled my inner AV geek (remember Audio Visual class in high school??) and got busy!!

I chose this logo since it's so identifiable!  Two coats of Tricyle and I was ready to rock it!!
I only had three colors of Milk Paint to play with so I used Ironstone for the background of the words "Milk Paint" and the circle above it.  Once I was done I had to figure out what color to do the words with.  My only other option was Shutter Gray.  Hmmm, not dark enough.  So, yes, I had to improvise a little....
Ironstone on top of the Tricycle
Before I was finished it started chipping away.  I'd never used Milk Paint before and I'd heard about it being very chippy!!  What crazy FUN!!!  I loved watching it react.  I DID NOT use the bonding agent that Miss Mustard Seed provides.  I wanted to allow the piece to 'do it's thing' and boy did it ever!! 
Isn't she cute!!~ Oh, I forgot about my improvising  After looking at my options for the lettering, I didn't have Miss Mustard Seed's Typewriter so I used a smidge of Graphite.
I'm so anxious to get all of Miss Mustard Seed's colors to create away....!

Notice the spots of chippy?  As I was painting I actually watched the paint pull away from the surface and start to flake.  It's completely unpredictable and absolutely mesmerizing!!
A close up of the chips!!!
Another close up
And finally in the store ready to be stocked with all the little pouches of of Milk Paint!!
Don't forget to pre-order your Milk Paint NOW.  We are still offering the 15% off your total purchase.
Although time is definitely running out.  We should have our shipment of Milk Paint by the end of August and it will ship out the minute we accept delivery on our dock!!

Once you've pre-ordered come back to the posting on the blog and leave a comment to enter for another FABULOUS GIVEAWAY!
(ends 9/8/2012)

Good Luck!! and Happy Painting!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Milk Paint/Patience & a GIVEAWAY

 It's coming.....PROMISE!

I just heard from Marian herself, that's Miss Mustard Seed, and she informed us that
will be on its way here SOON! 

This Milk Paint is bigger than ANYONE thought and 
she just wasn't expecting the volume of orders!
SHE'S excited about the BUZZ we've created and how anxious everyone is to get their

I SO appreciate all of our pre-orders and your patience.
Her new color-IRONSTONE
I think patience should be rewarded...
don't you????

We've already given 5 people their choice of 2 colors 
so let's mix it up a bit!

IF you've pre-ordered (and I WILL check)
  go to our shopping cart, check out the  
Gilder's Paste colors and comment on the blog
tell me what colors you want to try and write...

and you'll be entered into a RANDOM drawing 
and TWO people will win a
6-PACK of our new GILDER'S PASTE

This is an amazing product that is just flying off the shelves.  It's the perfect
artist enhancement for SO many of your projects. It's great for
picture frames
ceramic beads

Just take a peak at our online store to learn more and 
make sure to leave that comment on the blog!
This contest is OVER on Saturday, September 8th
winners will be posted at midnight!


Sunday, August 5, 2012


Robyn Story Designs and Boutique
is just blessed with the most wonderful customers. 

and today I'd like to feature one of my many customers that have come to my store for
Chalk Paint® a decorative paint!

  Ashley came in for the first time a few weeks ago, just for the 
however, she's found her 'home away from home'....
she says that we inspire her!!

Let me show you how she inspired me and I know once you see this amazing transformation
she will
This is a picture of the headboard before Ashley's transformation!

Just look at the difference Chalk Paint®, waxes, decoupage and Craqueluer product can make

This is the after!!
Ashley, admits that Chalk Paint® has become an obsession.  She painted right over the original wood finish with OLD WHITE, then layered PARIS GREY over that.  She used CLEAR WAX and distressed it.  Allowing the OLD WHITE and the wood finish beneath it all to peak through.  She then sealed it with a little more CLEAR WAX, followed by the DARK WAX.

Look at the detail and all the beautiful distressing, this looks like a well loved, well aged heirloom!

Once she was done she used Modge Podge to decoupage her Toile Tissue Paper (compliments of Robyn Story Designs!!) to the inset of the head and foot board!  To top it all off she used CRAQUELUER step 1 and 2 with DARK WAX rubbed in to the areas of crackle to achieve the look of old worn paper!! 

the foot board and side rails

Ashley wanted to keep some of the wood but  marry the paint in the room so that it all made sense.  She kept the bureau in its original finish but painted the mirror with the same combination of colors.  Now the room has symmetry in color.  I think you notice the pieces more, the mirror just POPS now!
A close up of the mirror detail

Here's the bed put back together.  Notice the fixture next to the bed.  That's a repurposed shutter (from Habitat for Humanity) and a wall sconce wired right on top.  What a great way to bring some character and texture to a room!! (Another popular design from Robyn Story Designs)

Thank you Ashley for creating a beautiful retreat and sharing it with us and allowing me to share it with everyone.  I know others will find this inspirational!

If this bedroom inspired you to remake a room in your home, please stop in to
and let us guide you.  We have the entire
CHALK PAINT® decorative paint line as well as other complimentary products that will help you take your project to the next level!