Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This begins my journey from my little slice of heaven in Tampa, Robyn Story Designs and Boutique... to my beautiful PIECE of home in Colorado.  I can't begin to tell you the feeling of peace that falls over me when I come home to our mountain retreat.

Fifteen years ago I had a terrific opportunity to organize and lead amazing team building trips in the wonderful mountains of Colorado.  My previous employer was so inspiring and had great vision.  We gathered up all the people throughout the country from our field offices and hit the trail.  In the mountains and on these trips, your position in the company didn't matter.  We traveled as equals and shared in some fulfilling team building experiences.

We worked together, enjoying the great outdoors and we were always respectful of mother nature and the fabulous wildlife who graciously shared their space with us.  It was incredible!  Together, as a group, we managed to conquer several of the amazing summits in the mountains, this was a true accomplishment for all of us.  It was during one of these trips that I knew I had to always have a piece of Colorado in my life.

Colorado is one of my true loves, it's where my soul is at it's most peaceful and where I find true inspiration.  Steve and I have lived in the mountains for about 15 years now ...   I have also made many wonderful friends and customer's here.  Those that know  me, know me well enough to realize that I can never truly just 'vacation'.  I love to be busy and find all things to be inspiring.  I started a floral business here, out of my garage as well, and continue my relationship with many beautiful stores here in the mountains of Colorado.

King Louie!
This year Steve and King Louie (our  PRECIOUS Portuguese water dog) started the tour without me and headed to Colorado with a car full of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and many other goodies.  I am so excited to go to all my favorite stores, find new ones and load up on things to paint and sell while here on vacation. Wouldn't you find this view inspiring as well!

So I invite you to follow my journey through the blog, I will be showing you all the things that I find most special here.  I'm gone for two short weeks but plan to be very busy relaxing, painting, walking, pondering and enjoying each moment.  I hope you can enjoy it with me.  I will leave you with some beautiful pictures of the gardens in full bloom.  Only mother nature could provide such a gorgeous riot of color!

Now what is this that you read about in the title?  A give-away?  Yup, it's true.  I've written before that there's a monster in me that just has to share things with my Followers and customers. Robyn Story Designs and Boutique  has something for everyone.. it is more than just a tag line.. it is true!  We have some of  the most unique finds your home and or for you soul!

At my store we offer fabulous custom florals,  unique home accents..incredibly artful lighting .. whimisical gifts vintage items and the best BLING  you have ever seen..  and of course.. ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT  for your furniture and walls. It's truly a wonderful place, you can come and just leave the world behind.. retail therapy at it's best!  SOOOOOO.. if you are close by stop in for a cup of coffee and see what is new.  If we are getting to know you by our blog or facebook ..then we will continue to share our passion with you online.

I am going to be posting a HUGE give away by the end of the week.  It's all about growing the blog, spreading the word about my fabulous store and all that we have to offer.  I have enjoyed meeting new people through this blog, facebook.. and good old fashion word of mouth! It continues to be such a rewarding experience and so much fun!!  So why not offer OUR BIGGEST GIVE AWAY YET.. and let you in on all the fun!

I don't mean to tease but I wanted to be sure to give you a sneak preview so that you'll check back and see what it's all about, I promise it's a MOUNTAIN of gifts and  GIVE-AWAYS! Woo Hoo! Here's just a sampling of what's gonna be part of our HUGE give-away!!! 

If you're local and can come visit us at the store, you could win a

No worries if you're not local, we have LOTS of beautiful things for you to choose from if you are the lucky winner.  Take a sneak peak  below to see what some of the options might be!!!

This GORGEOUS French Table has been one of the most commented on
blogs.  YOU can own it!!

Our Workshops are So much fun.  YOU could WIN
a spot in an upcoming Workshop along with another goodie or two

SOOO many of you LOVED my new lamps, here's
an example of one you could win!
How about winning a CUSTOM floral!! We can
design one for your home style - Contemporary, French,
Country, Whimsical!!  JUST FOR YOU!
I hope this gave you an idea of the FUN we are all about to have.  There are so many other things we may add to the give away but I know you're getting the idea now!!  Stay tuned, more fantastic details to follow.


  1. Robyn, your King Louie looks sooooo cute!! How nice that you have such a lovely place to escape to --- AWAY from this heat!! :)



  2. Robyn,
    Colorado is definitely one of the most gorgeous places on our planet! I hope you enjoy your few weeks there! Those flowers are fabulous! So colorful and bright! I stopped by your store yesterday and brought my friend. She bought the most elegant picture frame! We could have stayed for hours! I was admiring the beautiful little table you posted above and Lori told me how you brought it back to life from a sad little table. It is marvelous now! I will stay posted to your blog! Enjoy Colorado! Sue Inge

  3. Robyn,
    Colorado is definitely one of the most gorgeous places on our planet! I hope you enjoy your few weeks there! Those flowers are fabulous! So colorful and bright! I stopped by your store yesterday and brought my friend. She bought the most elegant picture frame! We could have stayed for hours! I was admiring the beautiful little table you posted above and Lori told me how you brought it back to life from a sad little table. It is marvelous now! I will stay posted to your blog! Enjoy Colorado! Sue Inge

  4. Ohhh Robyn ~
    What fun!! It is so very beautiful!
    I am excited to follow your journey ~


  5. I love Colorado too. I haven't been in many years though. Several years ago I took my daughters on a road trip and we went to Colorado (one of the states) and spent a day or two in Gunnison. My bil and wife lived in Broomfield for many years too.

    Can't wait to see what you are up to with your giveaway..and while I wont' sign up for the giveaway I will certainly be following right along with every step you take.

    NOW relax a bit while you are there, will ya? xo Diana

  6. Robyn I loved reading your blog. I remember when you and Steve bought your house in Colorado and I can't believe it's been 15 years. Wow. You have come so far. Your garage was unbelievable. Floor to celing silk florals. You are an amazing woman with such a talent. Enjoy your trip and hope to see you when you get back. Tell Steve I said hi. And I'm looking forward to following your blogs.

  7. I love all these photos, how fortunate you are to have a place to go to with so much beauty and serenity!!!! King Louie is adorable....Looking forward to many of your beautiful posts!

  8. Where in Colorado? I live in Colorado Springs in the foothills of the Front Range of the Rockies.

    It's been HOT here too, but the rain as of late has taken it down a notch or two. Quite pleasant now.


  9. Beautiful pics! Safe travels my friend. I'll stop by the store soon.

  10. Love that King Louie! He looks sooo adorable!

  11. Hello Robin,

    King Louie is quite handsome! Friends of mine in Maine have two of them and they are so smart. Great pictures! Colorado is one of the places I hope to visit one day. I have always been intrigued by Colorado just from the stories I have heard from friends and family as well as pictures I see. I look forward to reading more about your adventures. Have a fantastic vacation!

    ~ Tracy

  12. Hi! I had to come back for more bliss~lovely lovely photos...I missed the giveway photos! lol. Oh, I'd love a chance to have a spot in the class!

    Enjoy your vacation!!! Hav e a great weekend!

  13. I love the Annie Sloan Chalk paint. I have shared your blog on my FB wall.
    I would love to win the Mountain of Givaway gifts.
    The French table is awesome.

  14. Hi Robyn!
    how intriguing!!
    I am a Florida transplant,who fell in love with Colorado!!
    I live in Denver..would love to know where you are while in Colorado!
    Looking forward to winning in the Mountain of Giveaways!
    come visit..
    warmest hugs..

  15. I'm already a follower of your blog! I'd love to win the MOUNTAIN of GIVE AWAY products!!

  16. Oh Robyn, you do have your own little slice of 'perfect' in Colorado. Those views are breath taking. I know you will return to Florida refreshed and ready to rock this new giveaway that's happening!!! Awesome...and I qualify to enter this time - yoo-hoo!!!!
    Going over to climb the Mountain of Giveaway now.
    Can't wait to see the prize pages.
    Be safe and take a deep breath of mountain air for me!

  17. I am a follower! I would love to win the mountain of giveaways and select the 10 cans of chalk paint, although the french table would be great in my home. Love it all!

  18. I love these photos. So inspirational! I can't wait to win the mountain of giveaway!!!

  19. I am a Tennessee girl but I lived in Grand Junction Colorado for 2 years. We love our MOUNTAINS! I am now a follower.

  20. I like you on facebook. I adore your lamps, they are so classy!

  21. Mountain of Give Aways! I love your store, and am thrilled you now have a blog. I'm a follower!

  22. I am already a follower but hoping to win part of your mountain of chalk paint giveaway! Hard decisions to choose from!

  23. Colorado must be a magnet for double rainbows. I have a friend who lives outside of Denver. They took an awesome photo of a double rainbow from the deck of their mountain home. I understand why you love Colorado. Ginger

  24. Unable to click follow - not working again!
    I will like on FB and add a button to my blog.

  25. Quick everyone! Hurry up and FOLLOW!!

  26. Your Boutique looks like it has many Fabulous treasures in there! WOW!!! Love your design Aesthetic :D

  27. Robyn, I loved your Annie Sloan Paint Class & the Mountain of ideas that you were able to Give Away ! Looking Forward to your next class ! You, you staff & food were amazing !

  28. I signed up to follow on your most recent post. I wanted to read more about Colorado. I love this state. Maybe because two of my adult children live in Colorado and so do their spouses and four of my adorable grandkids. The mountains are magistic. I live in Ohio but plan to tell my friend that lives in Tampa about your store.