Monday, July 28, 2014

IT IS OFFICIAL.....Christmas In July

 Trucks are arriving daily with holiday shipments!!!
    Frasier Fir from The Thymes

My Little Helpers are beginning their work
and I am getting inspired beyond belief here!!
   Can you say BLING!!!!
Sneak peak of some of our Mark Roberts Fairy Collection

So be on the lookout for more sneak peak pictures and information

Mark your calendars for our annual
Holiday Open House
October  9, 10, 11
at Robyn Story Designs

You won't want to miss it!! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Robyn Story Designs Invades a Horse Show

For those of you who have had the pleasure to speak with, or meet Scotty, he has been a member of my staff since I started my business out of my garage many years ago.  
Although he can be an amazing painter, he is first and foremost one of the most talented floral designer's in the business!! During the summer months he heads north to orchestrate and design hundreds of floral and plant displays, which are used to decorate numerous horse show rings. 
Upon arriving, he gets thousands of floral stems together and begins arranging and potting silk flowers and plants into beautiful arrangements for display.

Here is a look at just a few of the plants before going out on the course.

 This equestrian festival by Horse Shows By The Bay, consists of four weeks of premier hunter/jumper competition in Traverse City, Michigan! Look at the transformations!!!
Approximately, 60-70 jumps are decorated per day, with close to a thousand different horses jumping them throughout the week.

Scott we LOVE all that you do for us and cannot wait for your return home

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hope Chest Transformation with Artisan Enhancements

If anyone has visited our store or website, you might have seen the Artisan Enhancement line of paint products that we carry. From novice to expert, this line of products can transform and change the most ordinary piece into EXTRAORDINARY!!!! 

Right now we are offering FREE SHIPPING and
10% OFF your ENTIRE Artisan Enhancements purchase!

So.......we wanted you to be inspired by these products as much as we are!!

This stunning chest if you can believe it or not is a WWII chest that belonged to RSD's own Lori. She received it when she was a little girl and was her Hope Chest when she was in High School! 

Recently, she moved and was afraid that she would have to get rid of this traditional looking chest since her new home and decor were a little more modern than she had in the past.

Well, she decided to get her amazing creative juices flowing and here is what she did....
Products Used:
Aluminum Foil
First, Lori painted all of the areas that she wanted solid using the
 Graphite Chalk Paint® (wood, straps, etc)

She then went section by section around the chest with the Artisan Enhancements Leaf and Foil Size. Then, Lori carefully laid the aluminum foil on top, pressing hard against the surface to enhance any of the details on the trunk.

As you can see the details really popped because she carefully worked the foil into all those little grooves and crevices. 

Now you may ask, why did she use Aluminum Foil instead of a Silver Leafing. Lori used the Aluminum Foil because she wanted a SOLID silver finish as opposed to leafing which does not usually give you a solid silver finish. Also, the aluminum foil has two different finishes, a shiny side and a dull side for different effects.
Once all of the foiling was completed, she covered it with one coat of Artisan Enhancements Clear Topcoat, let it dry, applied the Dark Wax and wiped it off where she did not want it, buffed it, then resealed with the Clear Top Coat.

She enhanced the locks and metal lathing strips, etc around the chest with the German Silver and Silver Gilder's Paste!
Now, it is much more sleek and contemporary and fits into her new home!!

We hope that you are inspired by this piece to take something you have and transform it to fit into your decor!! 

At Robyn Story Designs we are constantly having workshops on our many product lines. Check out our current calendar here for a list of upcoming classes to help you through your next project.

Friday, July 11, 2014


We are all about unleashing your creative soul here at

and we want to help you do just that.  

For a limited time we are offering



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We are hosting a give-away of these fantastic products!!!

So go to and check out how YOU can win a wonderful assortment of these amazing Artisan Enhancements products!!

What are you waiting for?  Unleash that creative soul!!!!!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Projects Part II

Its Summer......Woohoo!!!!

We want to see your projects that you have completed! Whether expert or first time painter, we want to see what you have done and what you LOVE! We hope to be posting your amazing works of art all summer long!

Our first follower to share is a customer that has recently been brought into the world of Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint and is becoming OBSESSED with renewing old furniture.

Among many of her projects recently, here is a pair of end tables and a coffee table with some beautiful details that were just too dark for her and her husband.

Her color selection was Old Ochre. With all of those details and glass top to see through, they had to paint the inside of the tables as well as the outside. They still came out using less than 1 quart of paint for all 3 tables!!!!

LOVE the way the details are starting to POP!!!

After painting, she used Clear and Dark Waxes to make those details come to life

Close up of details

After waxing the piece, she went back and buffed the tables to a beautiful sheen!!!



What a beautiful transformation of these tables!

What are you working on??? Want to be showcased on our blog?? Let us know what you are working on and you might be featured on our next post!

Remember to take those before, during, and after shots of your transformation!
Stay tuned for more transformations and other exciting news from Robyn Story Designs!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Burgundy Fragrance by Annie Sloan

This week we are highlighting Burgundy

This fragrance in Annie Sloan's fragrance collection echoes deep and warm Alizarin Crimson tones with the rich and sophisticated scents of amber, vanilla and patchouli. Fresh top notes of bergamot, mandarin and lemon are smoothed by subtle Casablanca lily and floral tuberose.

Available in both candle and diffuser

These items are in stock and available at our store:

Robyn Story Designs
9249 Lazy Lane
Tampa, Florida 33612
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Stop by the store to smell these amazing fragrances, check out our Chalk Paint®, and be inspired for your next project!

Check back next week for the fragrance of the week that we will be highlighting from Annie Sloan's Fragrance Collection!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Aubusson Fragrance by Anne Sloan


Annie Sloan Fragrance Collection 

Many of Annie Sloan's paint colors are inspired by places and memories from France. Like colors, scents evoke a place and a time too, stirring memories, conjuring idyllic scenes and feelings - inspiring a sense of place and time.

The Annie Sloan Fragrance Collection consists of six high-quality fragrances, each developed to harmonize with the Chalk Paint® color palette. The Fragrances have been inspired by six historic French locations offering subtle yet complex scents to add another inspiring sensory dimension to the home.

This week we are highlighting....


Evocative of dark and neutral blue Tuscany leather, 18th century rugs and Mediterranean musky labdanum, this scent transports the senses with hints of thyme, Iris Wood and cedar wood, with a faint vanilla note.

Available in candles and diffuser's

The entire fragrance line is in stock and available at our store:

Robyn Story Designs
9249 Lazy Lane 
Tampa, Florida 33614
For a list of retailers near you click here

Check back next week for the next fragrance we will showcase from Annie's line!