Monday, August 19, 2013

Kitchen Re-do Part 4

Welcome back to my crazy, upside down world.  

Last I left you I had posted about the additions to our kitchen in an attempt to make it look more custom.  I think we're doing a great job so far! 

Off to find granite. Of course, the projects just grow!  I figured we were saving so much money not having a custom kitchen that I could afford to upgrade from Corian to granite.

This was my Corian.  Not my favorite!

My new granite !  Autumn Leaf from Brazil.  Filled with quartz that reflects the light at every angle!
Granite up against my glass and tunbled stone tile backsplash that I did last year.
Another area of our kitchen.  A bar with glass front doors and a nice new slab of granite!
Time is approaching where we're going to have to start painting.  I know that I wrote about doing a dozen test cabinets.  When I did those I did them using several different techniques.  

First I just brushed the paint on.  As you know, Chalk Paint® was designed to leave texture.  The beauty of this is that it gives the waxes a wonderful place to snuggle.  The waxes enhance all areas of texture whether it's definition from a carved design or just brush strokes..  However, I'm not using the waxes so all of that texture wasn't necessary.

So, I watered the paint down a bit to give it a more smooth finish.  Actually, because I am a very meticulous painter this method appeals to me on many levels.  I love a smooth finish and then burnishing it before waxing.  It's just luscious.  But again, I'm not waxing.

Then I used a high density foam roller to see if this would speed up the process a little and give me the smoother finish that I was looking for.  It did but I still wasn't sure which direction to go in.

Once we started to remove the cabinet doors, it occurred to us that the laminate continued through the inside of the cabinets as well.  Inside is a white laminate with white shelves.  I tell you, I'm in laminate hell!

Our project just got bigger, because my ideas have gotten bigger.  I now want all of the insides of the cabinets painted and I'm going to change out the white shelves for dark wood shelves.  I love the idea of opening up the cabinet and seeing the dark shelves pop against the Old Ochre interior.  Ohhh la la, it sounds magnificent.....but oh boy, I still have to paint on the Zinsser's Clear Shellac all over the interiors of the cabinets as well as the entire box on the wall that is laminate.  I also need to prep the raw wood on the island.  I plan on using the Zinsser's for this as well.  Raw wood will absorb the paint differently than my cabinet doors.  I want all things to be even!!

For those that don't understand what I'm speaking of, Chalk Paint® - the wonderful product that it is - will paint over almost any surface!!  Even laminate.  However, for extra assurance it's best to paint the laminate with a product called Zinsser's Clear Shellac.  This is a product that will adhere to many surfaces and then allow you to paint Chalk Paint® over it without concern that the paint won't adhere.

 I have A LOT of surface areas to paint over.  It also comes in a spray can, and as much as I love this product, my experience is that the spray does not provide a solid enough coverage to be effective.  It's best to brush on a nice even coat or two for the best bonding. 

My project begins.  I bought several cans of the Zinsser's and have begun painting all laminate areas.  I have to be honest.  Not only am I painting all laminate areas but then I have to paint all surface areas with the Old Ochre and Chateau Grey.  I'm beginning to get overwhelmed at the thought of 45 cabinet doors and drawers as well as all of their internal components.  Not to mention working, planning my daughter's wedding and dealing with my father in law's estate as well as all of the everyday chores.

I decided it was time to investigate having the Chalk Paint® sprayed on instead of me hand painting it.  This would take less time, give me the super smooth finish I'm looking for and free me up to deal with the messes in my life.   I also loved the idea of sharing this product and it's abilities to be dealt with on a commercial level.  

I called a local refinishing company, Adams Multicare Company, and told a gentleman named Derek my sob story.  He had someone come out the same day to take a look at the project.  I showed the estimator, Cleverson,  my cabinets that I'd painted and gave him a long introduction into the world of Chalk Paint®.  He was intrigued and loved my prototypes.  He wanted 'in'!  I was thrilled.  I loved his enthusiasm and we became instant friends.

 They showed up the very next day to take over my project!  This was what I walked into after a long day at work.  This is the picture of progress, right???

Stay tuned for the reveal. I hope you like's been a long haul but I am incredibly thrilled with the transformation. 

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