Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kitchen Re-do Part 3

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball.  

Our house has been in shambles for weeks.  Progress is occurring, slower than I had hoped but I do see changes that I love each day.  However, we hit a major stand still.  
One of my favorite men has passed away.  My first father-in-law (a story too long to tell in this blog)  John Corman is no longer in my world and I feel that my foundation has been shaken.  He's been a part of my life since I was 15 - that's a long time.  So, our project had been on hold while we dealt with our emotions and managing his estate.

We continue to do what we can in between flights up north and cleaning out the house etc.  George has been traveling with work as well.  So, it's been slooooooowww.  Painfully, slow.

We have managed to get our microwave built into another area of our kitchen.  What used to be a pantry has now been divided.
The tall cabinet next to the refrigerator is a pantry, but George broke down the middle cabinet and built a shell to hold the built in microwave and repositioned the cabinet doors
Now the new microwave is in!!  Notice the drawer at the bottom.  That never existed before, however, with the reconfiguration of the cabinet we had an extra twelve inches at the bottom.  Since I'd lost a little storage space to relocate the microwave George built a large drawer to accommodate lots of stuff!!!  He even found a cabinet company online (again, thank goodness for Google) that would replicate your cabinet profile.  So we ordered it and it looks identical to our existing cabinets.  Of course, the wood doesn't match but we're painting it anyway!!!

We also removed the existing crown molding and added the taller molding.  I also had George add a one inch piece of wood below the molding.  Essentially it gave us an additional five inches in height from the top of our cabinet to the top of the molding.  This gives the cabinets a grander appearance.

I also started playing with the Old Ochre - getting a little anxious to start
Next, time to start thinking about the island.  Below is the before picture.  It was finished with just dry wall when we moved in and again, it was another area that screamed for some sort of design.  So, because I love painting stripes I thought I'd give it some personality.  It really looked better in person.  However, this is not a custom look.  I wanted a nice, chunky, more custom appearance.
look at those tiny little corbels.  I even dislike the shape of the bar and of course, the counter-tops will have to go!!!

 Here we've wrapped the island in unfinished wood

 We also decided to build in a niche - why not!! A nice little place on each end of the island to display something. Don't worry about all of the gaps in the woodwork.  One thing I'm great at is caulking - I actually love to caulk.  Thankfully, because George hates to caulk - did I mention we're the perfect team!!!

The other end of the island

Below is a picture of the very boring kick board that bridges the floor and the base of the cabinets.  This was where I wanted to add the furniture feet to give it a more custom look.  Again, notice the difference in the wood color and the laminate!

 Below is a picture of one foot glued to the kick board.  Loving the look.  In my minds eye I see it complete and know it will be exactly what I'm looking for.

Unfortunately, our project is on hold again for another trip up north.  I'm concerned at this rate that I'll never get a minute to start painting.

Keep checking back!!!  More to come....a big REVEAL is on it's way soon!!!
a sneak peak...
the island, no where near done but so far the color is GORGEOUS!


  1. It is looking just lovely! You are going to be so happy with the chalk painted cabinets :)

  2. Oh sending you hugs for your loss of your dear friend. It is so hard to let go of someone so special.

  3. Your(first father in law), looks like what everyone wants in the older male figure in your life. I'm so sorry about your losing him. I love grandpa types! I'm sure that you work better under stress?! Keep up the great work and kiss on that husband of yours, you lucky girl.

  4. So sorry about your Father in Law Lori:( Your transformation on that island is already looking over the top:)