Thursday, August 30, 2012

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Is In Tampa Florida!

Woo Hoo!  That's Right, Its Finally Here!

 We're doing the happy dance at 

 We got our Fabulous Milk Paint Order
 a few days earlier than expected (Whoo Hoo!)

The wait is over (for those who pre-ordered, that is), 
so get your Pickin' Pile and your  
Paint Brushes ready....

Your orders are out the door!!
Miss Ellen and her elves packed and shipped 
the first 124 orders today!

That's a WHOLE LOT OF 

But here's the thing... we've got more product on the way!
So, we're filling what we can... when we can, 
in the order its received!
Get yourself on our list! 

Take advantage of our extended 
from our Online Store!*

 Note To Self... 

Don't miss out!!  This paint is in Serious demand!

Robyn Story Designs is your Miss Mustard Seed Headquarters. 
  We Offer:
  • Flat Rate Shipping
  •  Fast Order Processing
  •  Great Customer Service
  • And Just a Whole Lot More!

*Please note:  All pre-orders sales are final and orders must be placed separately
 from non-Miss Mustard Seed merchandise to ensure correct shipping costs and
 prompt delivery.


  1. I have ordered from you all before and do appreciate your customer service. Glad to hear the milk paint is on the way, I received my UPS email notice!!!!

  2. Do you know if there will ever be a sample set for sale?

  3. Do you know if there will ever be a sample set for sale?

  4. I got my email notification today, it is on its way, can't wait. Di@cottage-wishes