Thursday, January 12, 2012


I just wanted to share a completely unsolicited opinion on 
Take a minute to check out VERY good friends of Robyn Story Design's!
Michele and Ken of STILTSKIN STUDIOS are regular customers of ours
and make the most gorgeous pieces to sell at local stores and on ETSY.
She took a moment out of her incredibly busy day to blog about ASCP.

Michele left this 'love letter' for ASCP at one of our workshops that she and Ken attended!
So let me take a minute to THANK them for being such great friends and a wonderful support to us.  They were there, skeptical in the beginning like so many!!  They came, they tried and they LOVED - just like most people that pick up a brush and a pot of paint!  They continue to come to the store for their supply of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and upon each visit they inspire us with their creativity.  They are both amazing at what they do and we're so lucky to count them as our friends!

I say, regularly, that this paint is just AWESOME and I mean that with every fiber of my being.  But what makes this paint so wonderful is not just those 'magical' ingredients that Annie put together but the friends that it has brought to my store.

I have bragged FOREVER that I have the best customers.  Well, this paint has brought a completely new group of people to our doorstep.  They come in for paint and leave with inspiration, their supply of paint and are armed with great information to go home and CREATE!!  We are happy to have met everyone that has come through our doors looking for our ANNIE ROOM and so many of you have become our friends.

So perhaps, this is were I thank ANNIE for being so creative, such an incredible inspiration, a mentor and an all around great gal!!  She continues to change our color at a time!

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