Sunday, November 27, 2011


One of the many things I've always loved is SALVAGE SHOPS.  I love what creative people are doing with salvage pieces and how they're being repurposed into gorgeous objects.  It just thrills me to see wonderful "Objects d' Arte" come alive from things that were torn down and ripped apart.  I have always felt that no matter what your design in your home - traditional, transitional, contemporary or just plain eclectic - each home needs a sense of history.  Something that tells a story.

Walking into a salvage store I can feel the history, almost hear the whispers of lives lived.  It sounds romantic or dramatic but just holding an item makes me wonder who owned this before...what was their life like....what did it look like in their home....and how lucky that this piece of history still remains long after the owners have gone.
I LOVE these balusters.  Decades of old paint just chipping away.  I can imagine a new coffee table with these gorgeous legs restored to their original lustre.  Or perhaps just cleaning them up a little, making sure the paint that is chipping is sealed and creating a beautiful shabby chic table.

Can't you just "See" the history??

This is one of my favorite shots!  I love the textures in this picture.  The old baskets.  Were they used to carry fresh harvested wheat?  The old chippy windows.  What views did they have?  Who gazed out of them waiting for a loved one to return?

Doors.  I love them.  I am ALWAYS drawn to them.  The hardware is almost always hand forged and withstands the test of time.  Did the family have horse and buggies that would drive through these gates?  What was their story?  Who came and went?  Look at this old fashioned cash register.  I love how simple life was and how thrilled they must have been when they invented this for merchants.  I think about our computer systems.  How far we've come, yet how many times we need to resort to the good old fashioned way of doing things when technology fails us!!

Did I mention that I love doors?  These doors (I bought 2) came from McDill Airforce Base in Tampa.  They were the doors that may have heard all the dreams and fears of Amerian airmen when they crossed the threshold of their colonels doors to accept their deployment.

I bought these and brought them home to my store to give them a new life.  They were gorgeous,solid wood doors that we painted ASCP Paris Grey with Old White, distressed them to embrace their age.

Waxing the doors a final time.  I had great plans for these doors. They came with us to the Orlando Expo where they were appreciated and adored.  We added gorgeous sconces and made them panels to hang.  Now they grace the walls of my showroom waiting for their perfect final home!
VOILA!  A gorgeous piece of history!!

Don't forget about our HOLIDAY CONTEST & GIVE AWAY.  It's all about creating new from old.  Finding pieces to create into gorgeous Christmas decor.  I'm hoping for some great inspiration!!!
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  1. I'd love to find a salvage shop around here like that. LOVE those doors and those are tobacco baskets. I have one hanging in my living room! They are awesome!

  2. oh! i want one of those baskets! they are for drying tobacco, love them!!!

  3. Hi Robyn, thanks for the visit and becoming a follower. I bought ASCP at Rennigers a couple of weekends ago and I absolultely love it!!! You were surrounded by admirers at the time otherwise I would have introduced myself.

    I too am a sucker for salvage stores, wish we had them around here too.


  4. What a fabulous place, I'd get lost and never want to leave. There's really nothing like the gorgeous patina these treasures wear. Love it all!

  5. What a great idea... doors with sconces! These would look amazing flanking the buffet in the dining room- architectural yumminess!

  6. OK Robyn...where is this store??? I am looking for some legs for a table my son wants to build for his wife. HELP!!!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  7. Fabulous!! Only thing I love more than old doors are shutters!

  8. I'm jealous! I'm not sure if we have anywhere around my area with a store like that! hrmmm... gives me some ideas! ;o)

  9. I love to just walk around salvage yards, you can find the most amazing things there...~Grace

  10. Oh my goodness girl, those doors with the sconces are crazy wonderful! What a great idea.
    I too, can't help but wonder what old pieces would say if they could talk.
    Hope RSD is having a great Christmas season so far.

  11. Those baskets were used to carry tobacco in on the tobacco farms. We've got TONS of them here in NC! Love them!! Fun to decorate with for sure!!

  12. Where on the base were you able to buy doors? I live in Tampa and wanted to make a headboard out of a distressed door, but haven't located a place to buy a door from.

  13. Great shop. Those are tobacco baskets. Love them.