Wednesday, November 23, 2011

FANCY FLEA IN LAKELAND (and secret news of an ASCP GIVE AWAY!)

I have MANY things to be thankful for.  I have the most attentive and wonderful husband.  A Fabulous son and daughter in-law.  Truly the MOST GORGEOUS grand-daughter, GREAT brothers with fabulous families, the WORLD'S BEST mother and a TERRIFIC staff at my store.

My life is full and now that I have extended friends through blogging and Facebooking, I am truly Thankful!
So have a wonderful day with your loved ones, I will be enjoying a fun-filled family day as well!!

Well, we made it back to Tampa with a lot less paint and A LOT of great memories.

Our booth FULL of ASCP
Thanks to all who stopped by our tent to check out the ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT.  There were many wonderful vendors there displaying their pieces done with this amazing product.  Those that never heard of it (if you can believe that!!) were amazed at the finish that you can achieve and came by to check it out.  As most of you know, once you try it - you're hooked.

So I think we managed to hook a few more this weekend!!  

What was the MOST FUN?????  Meeting SO MANY of our Facebookers and Blog Followers.  What a hoot.  THANK YOU so much for introducing yourselves and for making a point to come and meet us!
My good friend Deb from Vintage Soul
Can you believe we didn't take ONE picture - Nada, zippo, nothing!!  What a total bummer.  I'm borrowing gorgeous pictures from other more organized people (thank you by the way for taking such amazing photos!!)    But honestly, we showed up at the designated time, 5:30 a.m.!!!! and started setting up immediately with only the street lights to illuminate our spot.  By 7:00 there was a race that was running right down the middle of Kentucky Avenue and once the race was over people actually started shopping.  Ummm, hellllooooo, we weren't ready!!  But that was okay, I was also in a frenzy to buy buy buy!!  I was there to sell Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but I was ready to find a few goodies myself!  And no worries...I did!

Isn't this GORGEOUS!!
Here are a few of my favorite finds that I sold at Fancy Flea.  These burlap panels, sacks and pillows were ALL THE RAGE!!  I have to admit, my heart skipped a little beat each time I sold one.  I really wanted them for myself.....but that's okay, I can always get more! I have a few left and more on the way.  So if you missed them at FANCY FLEA, come on in and grab one before they're all gone!
The Union Jack is in Honor of my FAVORITE Brit - Annie Sloan!!

This is in our showroom but we brought LOTS of those panels that we framed!!

Okay, so I have to be hush hush and can't give you any details but I am bursting at the seams with some delicious news.....all I can say is
This is just the tip of the ice-berg for all you loyal "Sloaner's" out there!!
That's it.  But please keep posted.


  1. Robyn, No way could I have passed up the opportunity to stop by and Introduce myself to my Fun New Blogging Friend!!! Besides the paint you had wonderful buys too!! Love, Love the Burlap pieces too! I hope you have a truly Beautiful Thanksgiving Day Robyn, yes we are Blessed!! Oh what did I hear..Give Away of Annie Sloan Paint? I will be here to enter, and when I need to ship I'll just buzz over and pick it up!! :D

    Huggs, Nancy

  2. i wish we had a fancy flea here. i would love it. this is the kind of thing i am looking to get into as far as a business. but it is baby steps for me right now.. thank you for sharing this wonderful event,i would have been in heaven.~Grace

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your family and your RSD staff!!!
    I love an ASP giveaway.

  4. I wasn't able to go as I was running my booth at Renninger's in Mount Dora. Maybe next year!

  5. oh yay!! So excited about the giveaway!!


    Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!

  6. I vote for the the Xmas tree made of bed springs. That was BRILLIANT!!!!!