Friday, June 17, 2011


We all get inspired by things.  Whether it's a flower or a tree or a feeling.  Something always makes your creative juices flow.  For me, it's found objects, colors, architectural pieces, artifacts and odd things of interest.  Somehow, in my minds eye, I can create something profoundly interesting with those objects.

I have a passion for art, in many and any form. And as I've mentioned many times before, I love a good "story". Remember a while ago I talked about my day in the attic of one of my favorite stores.  Well, below is one of my found treasures there.  It was an old radio cabinet, stripped of its radio, just a shell but I felt it had more to tell me.  So I sat with it for a while and waited for it to come to me.

Then, we recently received a shipment of fun and funky knobs that were screaming to be placed on an object of whimsy.  Also, in our store and on my haunts, I'm always finding vintage Florentine pieces of art.  Little pieces of art depicting an Italian scene - they're quite "in" right now.

As these pieces came in, ideas started to form.  I find that things grouped together and layered provide interest to a piece or a room.  Just like when we work with our customers in designing their bedrooms or other rooms in their homes, it's the layering of objects that provide these spaces with a sense of history...that tell a story.

That's how it was with this piece that inspired me.  I found inspiration in a line of accessories that I love.  Checkerboards and flowers and all kinds of whimsical, artful things.  I "heard" my little radio cabinet coming to life.   So below is my final, artful project.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is also inspiring, as her colors transform anything they touch.  I opened up all pots of my paint and had a great time creating in my 'woman cave'.

Inspiration from Annie Sloan, an old cabinet and all my finds artfully placed transformed a dated, tired piece to one of whimsy and fun.  I especially love my little knob on the front.  Patsy, a friend and customer at my store who bought the piece, also loved the knob the most.

 Remember when I told you about our hunt in the HOT attic?  This was one of my fabulous finds!

Checkerboard done in Graphite, Old White with a hint of Cream.  The border was done in Aubusson Blue.

The brushes were flying on this one.  I had every pot of paint open!  How Fun!!! 

Look at the incredible depth of colors that you can get from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

This treasure...this is a 200 year old artifact that was just talking to me.  Of course, I had to feature it front and center.  Look at that fun and funky knob!!  Of course, I got a little carried away and gold-leafed the relief (from a kit at Michael's!).  The antique dealer would have died but just look at it!! It looks fabulous!

Here's where you get to think out of the box.  You know how much I love art, here I took one of my little treasures, this Florentine Art and embellished the side of the cabinet.  This is art creating art!  The outside is done with Scandinavian Pink, Old Violet.  Inside is Emperor's Silk, the frame is distressed Old White.  The inside and outside of the door was Aubusson Blue, Old Violet, Provence and hint of Duck Egg.  (You thought I was kidding when I said I opened ALL pots!!)
 One more shot of the beautiful details.  Notice how we incorporated so beautiful beaded trim to drip down the front!!
 An up close shot of the rainbow of colors I used and the texture it created.  A bit of Versailles, Primer Red, Provence and Old Violet.  The entire piece also has a coat of Clear Wax and Dark Was.  Whew!! 
Look at the little surprise in the cabinet!
One last look....this sold within the hour, while we were staging it in the store.
Oh NOO, here it goes -- outside in our courtyard before pick-up from one of our FAVORITE customers.  I'm going to miss it.  But I know she's going to a good home and will be well loved!

Stay tuned, we have so many projects and our minds are filled with inspiration.  Wait to see what we do next!


  1. Stunning- wonderful job with chalk paint and the result (esp after seeing before pix) is breathtaking.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Visiting via MMS Linky Party (Furniture)
    from Illinois
    (I'm Suzanne)

  2. not bad for a self-proclaimed "non-painter"! Love it, it's lovely Robyn, as so much FUN! A definite new take on a classic...and for everyone that is only seeing it photos, trust me when I tell you it's FANTASTIC!

  3. You just keep on amazing me! This little cabinet is crazy wonderful. How lucky the new owner is.

    I can just picture you with those pretty paint colors flying here and there as you brought your vision to life! I'm lovin' it.

    I posted my first tiny chalk paint makeover today.
    I had such fun!

  4. I love this little project.

    It was such a pleasure to speak to you on Friday! I have sent to you the leather cut outs! If you need more than you can let me know.

    And today I received my paint! I cannot wait to try it out, I am not an artist so I do not think that I can produce anything like this but I am sure with this paint it will still be fabulous!

    Good luck, looking forward to speaking to you again soon,

    Elizabeth @ pine Cones and Acorns

  5. Great looking cabinet! I can see why it sold in an hour. Very clever to add the beaded trim.

    Your new follower

  6. Wow! I just hopped on over here from Blue Creek Home blog and I must say, this chalk paint is fabulous. I now follow. When I have time, I'm coming back for some more eye candy and inspiration. Thank You!

  7. Every inch of that piece is a work of art!

  8. I know this piece 'cause I've seen it in person at your store (namely at one of your fabulous Chalk Paint Workshops!). It really is special.