Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More Chalk Paint Inspiration

Just a quickie to show you yet another amazing job from a 
FABULOUS customer of ours!

The magic of Chalk Paint and a wonderful imagination
Notice the mutton's on the glass doors.  Using the Old White really made that detail POP!

I'm not the only one that likes a touch of McKenzie Childs!!! Look at how the Dark Wax snuggles in all the texture created by the Chalk Paint!

I LOVE that Lynn outlined the leather blotter with checkerboard to give it more of a contemporary look.  I also love when people honor the wood.  The cubbies in the desk are a great contrast and a beautiful way of incorporating its timeless beauty

Arles and Old White stripes, Clear Wax and a touch of Dark Wax. The original hardware was perfect
Lynn, keep the pictures coming.  

If anyone missed Lynn's other beautiful transformation, click here for her console.


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  1. This is gorgeous! The attention to detail is amazing...love the hardware and those cubbies really pop with the dark contrast.