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I know this contest timing is a little off.  We experienced some MAJOR technical difficulties!!  Don't you just love's a lifesaver when it works....but when it doesn't it's enough to make you scream!!!

However, I think we're up and running.  My apologies to all that may have tried sending their entries and don't see them here...something went a little wonky with the email address and I fear several entries were considered "spam" and were immediately deleted.  This came to my attention from someone that did call us here at the store to check whether or not her entry made it.  Had Tricia not called I never would have known.

There were over 20 people that were registered for the contest.  If you're one of them, please just resend your entry to the same email address: and we'll register you automatically for the next series for an equal opportunity to win!

Anyway, let's move on to the good stuff!!  We did get a few entries since things cleared up and in all fairness I want to post them and continue on.  So here's the deal:

Below are the entries with a brief description of what each person created and what products they used.  
Voting is easy.

  1. You MUST be a follower, so if you're not please become one, let me know that you did.  
  2. Once you've become a follower of our blog then leave a comment on your favorite entry.
  3. Only comments from followers will be counted, so you just know I'll be checking!!
  4. We will accept votes through 12/26/2011 and will announce the winner on 12/27/2011
  5. Remember to vote for the ONE entry that you feel BEST defines "re-purposing".  At Robyn Story Designs we LOVE seeing something old find a new life!
 That's it.   Simple.  Your vote helps someone win a $250 American Express Gift Card to be used anywhere -- even here at Robyn Story Designs.
And don't forget comments will NOT be published until voting ends.  I want the winner to be surprised!!

Entry One:  
In the beginning there was an old rusted mattress boxspring.  Tricia knew this was someone's trash that she could turn into a treasure.  She read about our contest and her imagination flew...look at what she created!

You can go to her blog for complete details and even more pics of her creation!  

A close up of the 'branches' decked out in all their glory!

A few of the handmade, repurposed wrapped presents
Entry two:
This was a mantel that Pattie found at a yard sale and placed on top of her table in the kitchen.  There are SO many pictures and much better explanation of products used on her blog - be sure to read all about it before you vote!
If you check out Pattie's blog you can see her entire entry with more pics and a much better description of her project.  She did use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on the mantel clock and set the whole vignette in her kitchen.
Entry three:
Cynthia found inspiration from something she'd read online for these simple but fun Christmas trees.  All of her trees are made of burlap or cardboard, embellished with a little this 'n that and put on found candlesticks! 

She painted the candlesticks in this picture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, color Versailles to create this venue.

Go to Cynthia's blog to read more about her project and her inspiration for these trees.  There's plenty more pics to look at as well. 

Entry four:
This is such a fun entry and I loved reading their story (see below).  Carol doesn't have a blog so I want to be sure that you get her entire inspiration!!
"After 25 years in the remodeling business it's inevitable that some of your tools will start to wear out.  Thus was the case of my trusty wheel barrow. 

As I was carrying this work partner to the alley for bulk pickup I spied some cross country skies someone else had already set out.  Seeing the two items together I was struck with the possibility of a Christmas miracle.  This wheel barrow had been a Christmas present years earlier and I was saddened to send it off.  Your "So You Think You Can Create (Series One) Holiday Contest and Giveaway" brought it all into focus.

With some left over lumber I arched and fastened the suspension to the skies and attached them to the sled.  My wife painted everything and we made a display in the garage with some white tarps, saw horses, left over landscaping fabric and some lights.  Now when we raise the garage door our neighbors can enjoy this delightful display.

Thanks for your inspiration Robyn to think outside the box."

So there you have it.  Four completely different, yet inspired designs!  Please read each entry carefully and select your winner!


Thanks to all who've entered so far.  It's winding down so be sure to get your comments in.  Winner will be announced New Year's Eve!!  Then it's time to get ready for Annie's Tour.  We'll be sure to keep you posted.  We've had some wonderful friends/customers of the store ALREADY register to meet Miss Annie herself.  Trust me when I tell you she's a HOOT!!  I hope to meet you all there!


  1. Wow- tough choice but I am going to have to say entry 1 as well.

  2. so i totally forgot my own rules and posted one comment. i quickly deleted it but it has been saved and will count as a vote!! jeez, i post the rules and can't even follow them. i was just excited to share them with you. so no worries, remember, I AM NOT PUBLISHING THE COMMENTS - now if i can just remember that myself!!!

  3. I vote for #1. That spring tree is so cool!!

  4. Okay, as much as I want to win... I am blown away by Entry #1. Incredible! Inspiring!! Tricia gets my vote.

  5. I've never seen anything like the bed spring tree--that get my vote!

  6. Love the sleigh full of gifts!

  7. Love the sleigh full of gifts!

  8. I just became a follower. I love Tricia's entry of turning the box springs into a Christmas tree. How clever! Her blog is also full of wonderful. What a great contest idea.

  9. Love the sleigh full of gifts!

  10. I am voting for the sleigh full of gifts.

  11. I suppose it makes good sense to vote for one's self so I'm casting my vote for the bed spring Christmas tree. It was a great fun creating this entry for the contest and I look forward to the next one. Thanks for the opportunity, Robyn.

  12. Entry one, the bedsprings to tree gets my vote. It is totally amazing and extremely creative. Love it!

  13. I Love Entry One. It is so creative and cool.

  14. The box springs Christmas tree gets my vote. Amazing someone could create a tree like that, but when I read of all the time and effort that went into making it, I was sure I had made the right choice.

  15. Ahhh I love the story and the wheel barrel made into a Christmas sleigh, so I vote #4

  16. I think that the first one is the most creative...who would have thought using the old bedsprings would have turned out to be such a cute tree! I want my old bedsprings back... =)

  17. Robyn... I'm a follower by email, but for some reason, I don't get an email when you post something new. Just thought you'd like to know! Merry Christmas... and thank you for all of your creative inspiration!

  18. I love #1, she truly took something discarded and turned it into something wonderful!! I am a loyal follower!! Merry Christmas,, Di

  19. WOW! What creativity from all of the entrants! I'm voting for #1, Tricia's Christmas tree, but love them all!
    Thanks, Robyn for having this fun contest ~ and helping me add some new blogs to follow! :)
    Happy Holidays to All!
    Debbie :)

  20. Hi Robyn...these are all really great ideas!! But, I give my vote to Tricia's repurposed, rusted boxspring - now, that's vision! To be able to see a Christmas tree when you look at a rusty boxspring is extraordinary. Tricia takes the concept of reuse-recycle-repurpose to a higher level! Love it! Maureen (

  21. I vote for the bed coil Christmas tree with the beautifully decorated packages. I mean the artist has such an imagination. I would never have thought of this re-purposing project. Great job.

  22. I have to vote for the Christmas tree from bedsprings.

  23. I have become a follower and I want to vote for the bed spring Christmas Tree.

  24. All of the entries are really neat ideas, but since we can only vote for one........... I am voting for Entry#4, the repurposed wheelbarrow on skis!!
    It truly is a repurposing of several things I would have never thought to put together. The presentation is so clever and original that it made this project even more of a winner.
    It is so cute and such an original idea!!
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  25. in case I failed before...I vote for #1 and #4 (the bedsprings and the wheelbarrow)

  26. I am a follower and would like to place my vote for the bedsprings tree.

  27. I think entry #4 brings to spirit of the Holiday Spirit to life.

  28. Our vote is for entry number four.