Thursday, July 21, 2011


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Dana, a VERY talented decorative artist that was at our workshop on Saturday sent me the cutest picture. 
 I just wanted to share it with everyone!
Do you have a minute?  Here's a cute story.  Once upon a time I was selling my home and in came a family of four.  Two adults and two very small children. After a little negotiation and a naked little boy running around my house wanting his 'bathing soup' so he could go in my pool, we sold the house to this lovely family.  We became fast friends and Joell has been a wonderful customer and friend of mine and Robyn Story Designs!!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  My friend and current owner of my previous home, Joell, came into the store and fell in love with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  She went home and filled in her girlfriends and even their daughters.  They all wanted a piece of it.  A great idea was born!!

A Mother/Daughter Day!!  Today was the day and we had a blast!!  It was a small class, three mom's and three daughter's but what a HOOT.  We had such a great time and since it was a smaller, more intimate group, we were able to personalize it so that it was just as much fun for the daughter's as it was for the mom's.

We did our normal 6 finishes...I think the crackle finish and the clouded/stipple was the class favorite...but then we really got to play!!!  I made sure that everyone had something fun to do.  We got little trinket boxes for the girls and a bunch of bare wood picture frames so that everyone could practice what they'd learned.
Ashlyn, Halley and Courtney with their trinket boxes and frames!
Alicia, Lucinda and Joell working with the Magical waxes after painting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Looks like Halley had a great time!  Looks like Emperor's Silk to me!!

How GORGEOUS is this frame?  Arles and Olive with clear and dark wax and the addition of an Orchid!!
As we were cleaning up after our fun day at Annie Sloan Chalk Paint day camp I found the most adorable 'love letters' from the girls.  Thanks girls for making our day.  Lori and I had a wonderful time 'playing' with each one of you.  You should be so proud of your work today - I know we were blown away by how FABULOUS the three of you did!!!
Thank you Courtney - we think you're pretty special!!

Halley, you're pretty cool yourself!!!  I loved your heart frame!!

Ashlyn YOU'RE awesome!!!  Thank YOU!!!
I think all three moms and daughters had a great time and left with visions of projects in their mind!!  I know that after they left we realized what a GREAT idea this was and look forward to many others just like it!!
Our group of 6!!!

Our very good blogger friend , BLUE CREEK HOME, has lost her blog!!  Unfortunately, her domain expired - who ever knew I needed to worry about that - and as a result she's lost her BLOG, all her links, her followers - EVERYTHING!!!
We want to help her out since she's been such a GREAT friend to Robyn Story Designs!!  So if you get a minute, can you PLEASE stop on over to Blue Creek Home, say hello and become a follower of hers.

She had a beautiful and inspiring blog and is hoping to rebuild it.  But it takes time, patience and inspiration!!!  Rhonda, we love you and know that your new blog will be even better!!    


  1. This is a goose bump post! I got them when I read the sweet messages left by your young students and I got them again when I read the part about my poor little blog. Thank you so much for this.
    I love y'all too! I have had some visitors from this already.

  2. We all love Rhonda!! If only we could wave our magic wands and make it all better!:) Robyn I am getting so excited abt the end of the month! I have all my fingers and toes crossed! Ha! I wanted to let you and your readers know that Annie Sloan will be over at my "house" answering readers questions!! I know crazy but so true! I invited her and she said yes so now I am just trying to get the word out was hoping you help me!?:) Here is the post...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi Robyn! I was totally amazed and excited when I heard about your INCREDIBLE giveaway! So very generous and thoughtful! Through your beautiful blog, you're touching and inspiring so many of us out here in blogland. :) Thank you for that! And a big thank you for the opportunity to win some of Annie's magical paint! I'm sayin' my prayers....!

    Thank you, too, for visiting and following my humble blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I'm flattered that you took the time to spend some time here - and I look forward to getting to know you!

    Have a great evening, girl!

    xoxo laurie