Saturday, May 28, 2011


Isn't it just so, one thing always lends itself to another?!  We transformed our warehouse to our Workshops for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but then I wanted to do something special in my store as well.  I want everyone to come in and gather information, see examples of finishes and be able to touch and feel the paint.  So, that meant I had to transform another space!!  You know me, I loooove a project!!

My poor staff...but they know me and they know I'm happiest when my customers can come in and find something new and exciting in the store on each visit.  Holy tomatoes! I just want to share it all with everyone so again we got busy.  I wish I had a before picture but I was too excited to make the changes and forgot to take a photo.  So instead I'll tell you that this room was filled, top to bottom, with display shelves filled with beautiful home accessories and trinkets as well as fabulous florals, gorgeous lamps, gourmet food and just a little something for everyone.  Where am I going to put it all????  Space is always a precious commodity here, but we managed to absorb it all in the store.  This was awesome because it allowed me to design my "Annie Room".

I had a vision of making this like a mini workshop where I could host small demonstrations and pique everyone's interest.  Below is the "after" picture.  I think my mission was accomplished.  What do you think??

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